Offering interior work once again.

As it looks like covid-19 is here to stay, i`m quoting for interior work again now. Exteriors still the focus and i have a few weeks interior work on the books. However as they seasons move on i will have more availability . Obviously i`m going to be seperating myself from your living space as much as possible and giving covid-19 due respect but if you are happy to have work done around the house i`m back to usual operation. My list for exterior work is into next spring now, but i`m happy to provide quotes for this work (my summer availibility is always stretched as our weather isn’t as reliable as we might like).

Covid-19 keeps me outdoors during spring/summer 2020.

Covid-19 has hit a lot of people hard and caused all sorts of unexpected disruption. I have been relatively fortunate in being able to continue exterior work  during all the madness. Painting supplies briefly dried up but by changing suppliers i managed to keep working albeit with a restricted range of product.

Im currently working through my list and this will keep me going for the rest of the exterior season. I can fit in small jobs e.g sheds/temporary coats of paint to protect timber through the winter until a proper effort in the spring.

I`m taking on, and very glad to have interior work in holiday homes or otherwise vacant properties (i will do these during poor weather during the exterior season).

Interior work in occupied properties is something i`m likely to restart soon albeit with caution. I`m happy to talk to people about any work they would like doing, we would look at how fully physical seperation can be maintained and what the latest govornment advice is.

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A good start to 2019.

2019 has been good for business so far. A few photos from a couple of my jobs are bellow.  The most encouraging things has been referrals from 3 different local tradespeople, repeat custom from a couple of local businesses and a private client from last year. The most satisfying part of my work has been putting some of my newly purchased tools to work; particularly my powerful dustless sanding system which has been invaluable when working in the local delicatessen  and very useful on stair stringers and doorways for stripping poorly applied old paint.  (more on facebook)