Tools of the trade.

Producing a durable job with a good finish in a reasonable time is made easier with appropriate tools. Some of my favourites are listed in this section.

Paint brushes.

There is lots written about the best paint brushes, my experiance has been that there are good brushes for certain tasks but no one brush that is best for all. The brushes i list are what i typically use and i consider them all good for their respective tasks but with a huge range of brushes out there i’ve stopped looking once i’ve found a very good brush, my search hasn’t been exhaustive.

Brushes for oil based paints.

Natural bristle brushes hold a lot of paint and work nicely with oil based paint if you are painting many linear meters. I like natural bristle brushes by Hamilton.  Some synthetic brushes also work very well in oil based paint and provide greater accuracy.  I almost exclusively use Purdy Pro Extra brushes for oil based paint sacrificing speed for finesse.



Emulsion brushes.

For cutting in where a line has to be very clean the Purdy Clear Cut Glide is excelent. For general cutting in and wall edges where you arent cutting in to a different colour the 3″ version of the Corona Toledo is an abolute beast; tremendous accuracy, huge paint holding capacity and a nice smooth finish. Corona also do the Delta which has the same bristles as the toledo but in a tiny form, perfect for between closely spaced sockets, in room corners and any fiddly details in the room.


Hybrid paints.

Hybrid paints such as Sadolin Superdec or Jotun Demidekk are the most durable paints currently available for exterior work. Somehow they use water as the solvent while having a paint resin that is part alkyd (traditional oil) part acrylic (tough water based paints). They don’t flow as well as oil based paints and are difficult to clean from some brushes. I find that the Proform Blaze (a PBT/PET bristle blend) works very smoothly with these paints and cleans out very easily.


Acrylic eggshell.

On flat surfaces you cant beet the pure PBT bristle Proform Picasso.  Using a bit of floetrol, and a touch of water is also a good idea in hot and dry conditions.


Quick Drying Satin

These paints works very nicely with the new expression range by Hamilton.


To be continued…

Roller sleeves.

Sanding equipment and Abrasives.

Personal protective equipment.

Primers and specialist paints.

Fillers, caulks and sealants.