Useful painting and decorating websites.

Colour and Design

If you have chosen a colour by one company but you prefer the paint offered by another this website is your friend. Colour Alternatives.


There are various kinds of colour harmony. Complimentarity is the most obvious example bus guides you through several other examples and shows you which colours may work with a feature/fabric you wish to retain. The Colour Calculator.


Technical advice.

If you are keen to use Dulux Trade products their website provides product data sheets for all products.

If you have a problem surface to deal with and you need a primer/sealer/stain blocker then Zinsser may be the best place to start. Particularly notable products include B.I.N which works well over Varnish, Coverstain which is a oil based product overcoatable in two hours, and permawhite which is a very highly regarded anti-fungal paint for use in Bathrooms.

Painting and Decorating Equipment

There are several brilliant online suppliers of painting and decorating equipment at very competative prices.

Most frequently I use Decorating Direct. They have a superb range of paint brushes, and quite a broad range of stock generally. Free postage on orders over £45.

Another very popular british website is MyPaintBrush  which i like for there fillers and sealants. They also send you a free chocholate biscuit with your order so there is that…

For everything related to abrasives, including dustless sanders such as the Mirka Deros, Southern Filters are my go to supplier.

For many and varied ways to protect carpets, hard floors, furniture etc., Multi Fix in Bury are great. And their prices are very competative.

Paints, Varnishes, Coatings.

There are also several good websites for paint but not one i would reccomend in all cases. For varnishes and oils however, woodfinishesdirect is THE place to go.

If you are looking for an low VOC paint, or a paint that dosent use derivatives of oil, or a particularly breathable paint for a restoration project then Earthborn Paints can be highly reccomended.

Latest News

To keep up to date with the latest products and innovations; Painting and Decorating News.

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