Interior painting.

  • I do all the usual interior painting of ceilings, walls and woodwork.
  • I also use a wide range of the best products for problems situations such as staining, areas with poor ventilation and areas subject to heavy wear. I`m happy to specify and source paints for a wide range of contexts.
  • I usually use brush and roller for residential work where the house is lived in but can also offer various kinds of spray painting where this is called for. Large staircases with detailed spindles are a great example of where spraying can save a lot of time while markedly improving finish.

Exterior woodwork painting

  • Fascias, soffits, gables, dormer and bay windows.
  • Windows
  • I have ladders and lightweight aluminium towers. More significant scaffold and cherry pickers can be arranged.
  • Usually i use either Weathershield Exterior Gloss System or Jotun Demidekk Ultimate, Which i use will depend upon the finish you want and the existing coating. I only use the best paint as whenever you get a painter and decorator most of the bill is labour so no point at all skimping on materials.
  • Usually where the existing coating is sound, i use this as the base after through washing and sanding. When necessary however, i can easily remove old oil based coatings with my long wave infra red heat stripper, water based coatings can generally be removed rapidly by heavy abrasion.

Garden woodwork

  • Garden fences.
  • Sheds
  • Gazebos, summer houses etc.,
  • Spraying, rolling and brushing are all used depending upon the surface being treated.
  • A wide range of products are available and we can discuss which are best for your situation.

Masonry painting including breeze block, harling and concrete.

  • Either using block brush and padded roller or airless sprayer depending upon the situation.

Wallpaper stripping and lining.

Wallpapering feature walls.

Airless spraying of interior walls, ceiling and woodwork.

  • Typically for extensions, new builds or vacant properties airless spraying can markedly speed up the process of redecorating.

HVLP spraying of spindles, fire surrounds and all intricate wood and plaster shapes.

  • HVLP spraying gives a very fine finish, usually it is used for intricately cared wood or for mouldings.

Re-spraying of kitchen cabinets.

  • Hvlp spraying of kitchen cabinets is available.
  • All cabinet fronts and carcases are degreased, filled, sanded and washed.
  • Depending upon the substrate one or two coats of an appropriate primer are applied.
  • Three coats of hard wearing paint are applied.